Monday, 1 July 2013

Too much noise again

Well, It seems we have someone who wants to be rid of the Flying Club at Westonzoyland. However this came in from the local Environment Officer:-

"I am writing to confirm the findings after the site visit made by myself and Mr Coles on May 31st. On that date (between 11:15 to 12:45) several model aircraft were witnessed flying including ones powered by propeller and by jet engine.
Currently based on the noise witnessed at the time of our visit there is insufficient evidence to demonstrate that a statutory nuisance exists and I have advised the complainant of this.
On the day of our site visit some planes were witnessed coming close to the no fly zone, however we were later informed that this was to demonstrate the noise at the closest point. As this latest complaint seems to have allegedly been caused by one of the propeller powered aircraft flying into the no fly zone could I therefore request that club members are reminded of this zoning.
As discussed at the time of our visit we will continue to investigate this issue if we get further complaints and where necessary liaise with yourselves to resolve any issues that may arise.
Thank you for your continued cooperation on this matter."

Problem solved? Let's hope so.

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