Saturday, 13 July 2013

It's now an ornament.

Yes, sadly the KT120fsT has died. During yesterday's testing at near full throttle there was a sudden loud clatter shortly ending in silence.

Another broken crankshaft
Testing was going really well, RPM was up to 6400 at maximum throttle and idle was around 1800 on a 16 x 8 prop. The cool cylinder was beginning to heat up as running in increased the seal in the combustion chamber, although idle to full power was slow. The new carburettors were performing well after their modifications and I think further improvement could have been made to the mixture control by increasing the diameter of the air bleed into the barrel at the tick-over position. Oh! well, maybe another day, in the meantime I'll reconstruct the engine and it'll take pride of place on the mantelpiece. (As a reminder to me not to do it again).

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