Sunday, 22 August 2010

A fine days' flying

The forecast for today has looked promising for a few days and lo and behold, it was right. Almost windless for most of the day, until mid afternoon when the wind picked up from the South.

Ians F15 Eagle

Today was a near perfect day. No one had a serious accident, Jims new jet had a bit of a kangaroo landing and scratched some paint, but no serious damage, and I lost a tail wheel from the Yak, hey-ho!

I tried out my KT120fsT this evening (before it rained) and got nowhere with it, It still stops when hot, and it certainly gets hot, too hot, but the engine isn't tightening up as its free to turn over by hand immediately after stopping. There is some pre-ignition at times and I think this may be a clue to the problem. I may have to have a closer look at the valve timing, and/or place yet another gasket under the cylinder heads. Some experimentation required.

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