Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Cornwall was a real success

Everything fell into place, even the weather was spot on. We drove down early Friday morning in heavy cloud which turned into drizzle and fog over Bodmin Moor and although the fog cleared the drizzle remained on and off all the way to North Cliffs. We parked the caravan and put up the awning and waited for Geoff and Mary to arrive. They started out before us but didn't arrive until after 12:30. They'd been mooching around Redruth and Camborne all morning because they thought it may be muddy as well as wet up on the hill. But things didn't improve so they came up later.

On Saturday the weather changed. After an early shower it turned fine with 8 MPH winds from the West and broken sunshine all day, and Sunday was even better, 2 MPH winds also from the West, and near unbroken sunshine.

Me with Yak 54, photo courtesy of Geoff.

There were some nice aircraft to be seen at the show including a Stirling bomber, a deHavilland Mosquito and a Spitfire. A few jets put in an appearance with a Rookie, Kangaroo, Boomerang and an F16 flown very realistically by its skillful pilot. The electric slot was well over subscribed so the time allocation was doubled, electric gliders and slower craft first, followed by the faster EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) jets and other fast craft. That included me with the Pico-Jet.

A 180 panoramic

deHavilland Mosquito built and flown by Roger Kellow

Rogers Mozzie developed a problem during flight in that the undercarriage failed to lock down, but was able to recover from the situation and landed safely. Well done Roger.

Also impressive was a helicopter built by Kim Johns. Now helicopters leave me cold, I just can't get interested yet I feel compelled to watch in case it starts heading this way in an uncontrolled manner. But this was different. Modified and developed to accept a gas turbine, it was flown expertly by Mark Milne and performed just like a full sized helicopter. Even the sound and smell was the same. I'm told its the only one of its kind in the world - very impressive.

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