Sunday, 10 April 2011

The best day for flying.

Wall to wall sunshine and light variable winds mainly from the North made today the best by far for flying this year.
Seen at Westonzoyland today:-

BAe Hawk - Nice!

We held two competitions today, the first in the morning was a fly for fun where we had to do various events, spot landing, consecutive loops, limbo circuits and touch and goes. Planned so that it can all be done in one flight. The second was a scale competition where anything resembling a scale aircraft could enter. We had to create a flight schedule which replicated the full size. I'm glad I took the Yak, but I found it a bit challenging yet enjoyable. There were two rounds and after the first round we were shown how its done by an expert accompanied by a judge/commentator who talked us through the schedule. Then we had the second round to see if there were any improvements over the first round. I failed miserably as my Yak had an engine cut for no apparent reason and I had to land prematurely. I was allowed to restart the engine, which it did instantly, (je ne se quoi?) and continue my flight. I know I didn't do so well in the second flight as I was trying too hard, my brain kept getting in the way. Won't know the results until the AGM in December.

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